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Outreach - 2022

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AMP Summer 2022 Final Day


AMP Summer 2022 students gave their presentations at  SFP Summer Seminar Day, followed by the close-out celebration session led by Prof. McKeon and Prof. Bae, joined by their mentors and other GALCIT students.

GALCIT Lab tours 




AMP Summer 2022 students and their mentors gave lab tours to CTLO Summer Research Connection students. The PUSD high school students visited Profs. Chung, Dabiri and Gharib Labs.

The Hidden World of Fluids 

Miles, Tanner, and Salvador presented “The Hidden World of Fluids” at The Pasadena Police Activities League (P.A.L.). As usual, the vortex ring generators brought a lot of excitement!

Caltech/Base 11 Aerospace Mentorship Program 2022 


Tanner Harms and Prof. McKeon welcomed Caltech/Base 11 Aerospace Mentorship Program 2022 students for their first AMP session on January 10, 2022. The half-year program will be run over Zoom by Tanner, as the AMP 2022 Lead Mentor, and Prof.McKeon, as the Faculty in Charge.