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News - 2017

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  • CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Tess Saxton-Fox for successfully defending her thesis.
  • David Huynh gave a TED-style talk on mentoring and opportunities in aerospace as part of the Caltech/Base-11 AMP program  9/7/17
  • Professor McKeon gave an invited plenary talk at the Turbulent Shear Flow Phenomena 10 symposium in Chicago, entitled “Synthesizing turbulence”.
  • Ben and Morgan received their M.S. degrees in Aeronautics at today’s Commencement ceremony, and Esteban received his Ph.D.  Ben also received the Rolf D. Buhler Memorial Award in Aeronautics for exemplary academic performance in the Aeronautics M.S. program, and Maysam was awarded the Charles Babcock Memorial Award for achievements in teaching and contributions to the academic program. Congratulations, all!
  • Professor McKeon is thrilled to have received the 2016-17 Graduate Student Council Mentoring Award
  • Professor McKeon is the recipient of the 2016 Fred Shair Program Diversity Award
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Esteban Hufstedler on his successful thesis defense!
  • Professor McKeon has been named by the Department of Defense (DoD) as a 2017 Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellow
  • GALCIT’s partnership with Base-11 appears in a New York Times Higher Education section story on innovative skills gap-bridging programs.