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News - 2019

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  • The group presented at the 2019 APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Annual Meeting in Seattle. 12/11/19
  • recent paper was covered in the press. 11/5/19
  • Base-11 reported on the AMP Fellows from summer 2019. 9/12/19
  • Our terrific summer undergraduate students completed and presented their projects.
  • McKeon group grads 2019! 6/14/19
  • What a great GALCIT awards ceremony. Here is a picture of this year’s GALCIT award winners from the group! 6/13/19
  • Congratulations to Salvador Gomez on receiving the Rolf D. Buhler Award, awarded to a student in the Aeronautics Master's Program whose academic performance was exemplary and who shows high potential for future achievements at Caltech. 6/13/19
  • Congratulations to Morgan Hooper on receiving the Ernest E. Sechler Memorial Award for contributions to the GALCIT teaching and research effort! 6/13/19
  • Congratulations to Simon Toedtli on being recognized along with fellow Space Challenge organizer Fabien Royer with the Charles Babcock Memorial Award for contributions to the GALCIT program! 6/13/19
  • More congratulations to David Huynh, who also received the Donald Coles Prize, awarded to the graduating Ph.D. student in Aeronautics whose thesis displays the best design of an experiment or the best design for a piece of experimental equipment. 6/13/19
  • David Huynh was a 2019 recipient of the Richard B. Chapman Memorial Prize, given to an EAS graduate student in hydrodynamics who has distinguished himself or herself in research. Congratulations, David! 6/10/19
  • Congratulations, Dr. Huynh! David successfully defended his thesis, entitled “Spatio-Temporal Response of a Compliant-Wall, Turbulent Boundary Layer System to Dynamic Roughness Forcing” 4/16/19
  • Simon Toedtli is a co-organizer of the Caltech Space Challenge.
  • Congratulations, Dr. Morgan! Jonathan successfully defended his thesis entitled “Linear and Nonlinear Interactions in a Rough-Wall Turbulent Boundary Layer”. 3/25/19
  • The McKeon Lab appears in the latest Caltech Campaign Videos! Take a look at Infinite Possibilities
  • The group participated in a series of outreach events. Check out the Outreach page for photos from Reverse Engineering, the Genius Girls Gathering and Science for March 2019.