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Outreach - 2020

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Caltech Science Journey

Salvador Gomez presented a  Caltech Science Journey, entitled “Fluid Dynamics: from Disturbances to Turbulence” . This program reaches an audience aimed at 8th grade and above.

PCC Connection

Several group members participated in online physics and engineering classes at Pasadena Community College, discussing careers in engineering and research, and giving technical demos.

Caltech/Base 11 Aerospace Mentorship Program


Despite the Safer-at-Home orders, we completed online versions of the academic year and summer AMP.


Dory, Jacque and Miles participated in the Rutgers University Newark CPP TRiO STEAM Summit, discussing acoustics, the Bernoulli equation and lift from an airfoil, as well as what inspired them to become engineers.

Turbulent Flow is MORE Awesome Than Laminar Flow 

Our lab featured on the Veritasium channel in an item entitled  Turbulent Flow is MORE Awesome Than Laminar Flow . We agree!

A Place Called Home for their Journey





Salvador visited The Journey Group, an after school program for underprivileged high schoolers in the South LA area at  A Place Called Home . This is a safe space where young students can talk about their problems, ambitions, and goals in a supportive environment. In Journey, the students can volunteer in their community, try new things, and hear from local role models. Salvador talked to the students about his experiences growing up in a similar background and being an underrepresented student in higher education, explaining how these experiences formed decisions in the journey from high school to graduate school.

Genius Girls Gathering (Mackintosh Academy, Littleton, CO)

Jane attended the  2020 Genius Girls Gathering and led a workshop entitled “Up, up and away!”.

St. Catherine’s, Bramley

Let Us Go On… to Aerospace Engineering at St. Catherine’s, Bramley. Prof. McKeon spoke to pupils and parents at her old school in the UK.

Science Night at Blair Middle School 

Salvador represented the group at Caltech’s Club Latino event at Blair Middle School, giving a bilingual English/Spanish demonstration of Bernoulli’s equation and the formation of vortex rings.