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Outreach - 2019

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Caltech/Base 11 Aerospace Mentorship Program (Summer)


We extended our summer program to five students this year, all of whom successfully completed a diverse set of projects under the guidance of GALCIT researchers.

Further description of the program and opportunities for engagement can be found on this poster.

Caltech/Base 11 Aerospace Mentorship Program (AMP)


We wrapped up our third academic year AMP program! 

The Caltech/Base 11 Aerospace Mentorship Program (AMP) brings community college students who are under-served in STEM to Caltech for both academic year and summer research programs.

Caltech Space Challenge


Simon Toedtli was one of the co-organizers of the 2019 Caltech Space Challenge, a week-long space mission design competition held at Caltech in late March 2019. 32 undergraduate and graduate students from all around the world met at Caltech, split into two teams and worked for one week under the mentorship of experts from industry, NASA and academia to develop a space mission from scratch to final proposal. The topic of this year's Challenge was to develop a robotic mission to probe the habitability of Saturn's icy moon Enceladus, one of the most fascinating bodies in our solar system whose global subsurface ocean may have just the right conditions to harbor life. Both teams developed strong mission proposals and presented them at the end of the week to the public and a jury of experts. The teams' final presentations and a series of public lectures held during the Challenge week are available online. For more information about the event visit the website or have a look at the press articles about the 2019 Challenge (Caltech MagazineMediumPasadena Now).

Science for March

Arslan Ahmed, Morgan Hooper, Angeliki Laskari and Kevin Rosenberg had a lot of fun at the 2019 Science for March event at Caltech!

Girls in Science and Design/Genius Girls (Mackintosh Academy, Littleton, CO)

Angeliki Laskari returned to Mackintosh Academy in Littleton, CO, for the annual Girls in Science and Design/Genius Girls events in February.

AeroDynamic Women on Twitter




Prof. McKeon contribute to the AeroDynamic Women  Twitter conversation .

Reverse Engineering (Muir High School, Pasadena)

Arslan Ahmed and David Huynh went to Muir High School for a Reverse Engineering session. Thanks to Kitty Cahalan from the Caltech Center for Teaching, Learning and Outreach for the pictures.