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News - 2022

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  • Current and past members of the McKeon group gathered for a group dinner at the APS-DFD meeting in Indianapolis.   11/21/22
  • Prof. Shan Zhong of the University of Manchester spent a short sabbatical in the group.   11/12/22 
  • Prof. McKeon gave the  Lighthill Lecture at Imperial College London. In a nice Caltech connection, Gerry Whitham, one of Lighthill’s students, founded Applied Math at Caltech in the building where Prof. McKeon now sits!   9/12/22
  • Congratulations to the award winners from the group: Ben (Chapman and Ballhaus Awards), Morgan (Hornung Prize), Salvador, Tanner and Yuting (Babcock Award). Great recognitions for excellence in research and teaching!    6/09/22