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News - 2021

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  • Our Summer Students persevered with research in a time of change. Well done, and so long, to Anfal, Micah, Daniela, Daniel, Nathan and Tomas!   8/20/21
  • Congratulations to our graduates! Drs. Maysam Shamai and Simon Toedtli received their Ph.Ds during the 2021 Caltech Commencement Ceremony. Congratulations also to Simon for being awarded the Richard B. Chapman Memorial Award for his doctoral research.    6/11/21 
  • Several group members received GALCIT Prizes during the GALCIT Awards Ceremony. Congratulations to Simon (Sechler Award), to Jacque and Miles (Babcock Award) and to Scott (Buhler Award).    6/10/21 
  • Miles and Tanner presented “Real Life Fluid Dynamics: How Airplanes Fly and Fish Swim” at Sierra Madre Elementary School PTA’s Virtual  STEAM Night.  4/22/21