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Welcome to the McKeon Research Group

The McKeon group specializes in experimental and theoretical fluid mechanics, in particular:

Modeling and control of wall-bounded flows using smart, morphing surfaces  Resolvent analysis as a tool for modeling turbulent, transitional and controlled flows; rigorous, system-level tools for understanding flow physics and design of flow control schemes.

Data assimilation and machine learning techniques for engineering flows Fusion of experimental and computational data for improved modeling and control of complex flows and geometries.

Measurement, definition and description of high Reynolds number wall turbulence Interdisciplinary approaches to experimental flow manipulation for performance enhancement and understanding of fundamental flow physics; application of new materials to flow control.


  • Members of the group ran the San Jose 5km Spartan Sprint!  We were happy before and after the event. 😊 8/27/23

  • Stories of Women in Fluids launched its website at
  • We almost ran the Big Bear Spartan Race (cancelled due to thunderstorms!) 5/21/23
  • The Caltech group contingent visited Stanford, participated in the Thermal and Fluids Sciences Affiliates Conference and explored the MERL wind tunnel 4/20/23 

Research Highlights

Familiar Patterns in Strongly Viscoelastic Turbulence [More]
Systematic Design of Feedback Flow Control for Turbulent Drag Reduction [More]